Saturday, March 6, 2010

It could have been worse

I didn't blog last night.. Not because I didn't want to, but because the night flew by and before I knew it I was laying in bed when I remembered that I didn't blog. Yesterday was a good day, cereal for breakfast, chili for lunch and we went out for dinner.. I was a bit worried this morning about weigh in, especially after my Thursday night dinner choices. I made the decision, now I have to own it.. So off to the meeting I went. I didn't stay for the meeting part today, Brooke is in Austin at UT, checking out the college, Lauren & Espen are with grandma & grandpa and Al had to work. So I had Ethan with me and although he is a pretty quiet kid, I could hear him bursting out laughing at some of the things we talk about in there. I got there at 9, fought a battle in my head about wether or not I should take my shoes off and step on the scale. Last week I had my shoes on, so maybe I should keep them on. No, I thought, take them off, if I didn't lose any weight then maybe the 1 pound difference will help.. Then the man in front of me stepped on the scale and his shoes were off and he had no socks on. All of a sudden I was worried about athletes foot and decided to weigh in with my shoes on. Have I ever mentioned I have OCD? The result?? I weigh 6.5 pounds less then I did last Sat. :) :) What a way to start the weekend. :)

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  1. Keep it up Jen! Every day is a new day to make new decisions! :)